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Bigbom (BBO) está cotizando a un precio de $0.000510 con una capitalización de mercado de $185,842.
El precio de Bigbom (BBO) ha variado un 0.61% arriba en las últimas 24 horas. Información disponible actualizada.
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    Bigbom (BBO)
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Bigbom Eco serves as a decentralized advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising, inclusive of advertisers, service providers, content publishers, advertising channels, platforms and more. Bigbom Eco is developed with DApps technology in mind, using the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum platform. We are proud to say that all data linked through Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, automated and immutable. Bigbom is part of the Bigbom Eco ecosystem.

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Noticias del Twitter

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We are Bigbom !

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