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    EncrypGen (DNA)
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Gene-Chain offers blockchain enhanced security for safe cloud storage and sharing of genomic data.

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Imagine combining this tech with our Gene-Chain, gathering sequencing data in mobile labs, using cellular phones to give the poorest contributors ownership and a way to profit from their unique DNA. #blockchain #genomics $DNA

Oxford Nanopore@nanopore

Today we've launched new '109' cDNA Kits enabling millions of whole transcripts to be sequenced end-to-end, in single reads: #cDNAseq

Our DNA is 99.9% the same as everyone else's. So what about the other 0.1%? 3 types of genomic variation explained:

A great challenge of aggregating data for better science is reaching underrepresented populations. This is why @Encrypgen is hell bent on actually having people paid for their data, and is already accomplishing it. #blockchain #genomics $DNA #blockchain #genomics $DNA
The future of open genomic science is here. Take charge of your data.

We are still the world's first and only free market for genomic data. Buy or sell using our cryptocurrency $DNA The future of open science is real, and it is putting individuals in charge of their own data. #blockchain #genomics on the Gene-Chain.

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